Parents of preterm babies are suing the makers of Similac and Enfamil baby formulas. According to the lawsuits, manufacturers failed to appropriately warn that these cow’s milk-based formulas could cause major gastrointestinal problems and even death in premature newborns.

Who Is Eligible to File a Lawsuit Over Baby Formula?

Parents whose premature baby was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis after being fed Similac or Enfamil may be able to pursue a baby formula lawsuit for compensation.

Similac or Enfamil may have been given to your infant in the hospital. If you’re unclear, your lawyer might be able to assist you. Make sure to include the hospital’s name as well as its location.

You may have given your infant a Similac or Enfamil formula product after he or she was discharged from the hospital. Attorneys advise parents to save all receipts, proof of purchase, packing, and boxes from the formula as evidence.

Is it true that Enfamil and Similac formulas have been recalled ?

Enfamil and Similac haven’t been recalled because of the risk of NEC. However, there have been isolated retail recalls for product tampering, as well as a recall in February 2022 for a possible bacterial infection. During the tampering event, a few women reported finding flour instead of formula in their Enfamil packages. In a separate event, a few newborns became ill and died after consuming Enfamil, which caused them to get bacterial infections. The formula was examined by the FDA and found to be safe. After four newborns were infected with Cronobacter sakazakii and one baby was infected with Salmonella Newport, Abbott Nutrition recalled certain lots of Similac, EleCare, and Alimentum prepared at its Sturgis, Michigan factory in February 2022. The FDA and Abbott are still looking into the deaths of two of the babies.

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